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Music Retreat

May 16-17, 2024

For many, our Music Retreat is the favorite of all our retreats. The retreaters gather Thursday evening, eat, hear instructive messages on what type of music pleases our Holy God, and form a choir to conclude the retreat with a Sacred Concert. This all takes place in a 24 hour period. Music is one of the ways God tells us to glorify Him. So many do not know that there are rights and wrongs with music or what they are. We enjoy having Pastor Tim Kelly, from Lewiston, Maine, come and teach us every year. Pastor Kelly studied music in college before he was saved out of the rock and roll movement. Knowing first hand how music can effect you, he has studied and studied different genres of Christian music and brings us great insight every year. We are so grateful for him! We would love to have you join us this year as we learn more of how to better glorify our Lord with our music!


If you would like to see some of our previous Sacred Concerts, click here

Music Retreat Sessions

If you would like an in depth study on godly music standards, click below to watch the recorded sessions from previous music retreats. Music is a very controversial and personal topic, so please approach these lessons with an open mind toward the Lord and what He desires to teach you. God created and loves music, and He desires that we use it to express love and worship to Him - in the Biblical way. 

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