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Meet Our Speaker


Pastor Tim Kelly

Pastor Tim Kelly, pastor of Lewiston Baptist Church in Lewiston, Maine, grew up in an unsaved home in Missouri. After graduating from a secular university with a bachelor of arts degree in music and marrying his sweetheart, he went on to start his own business of teaching and tuning pianos. Not long after the Kelly's only child was born, the Lord began to work in the hearts of Pastor and Mrs. Kelly and they both trusted in Christ as their Saviour. God called Pastor Kelly to get ministry training from a Bible college, so leaving his piano business of 12 years, the three of them moved to North Carolina so he could attend a small Bible college for four years. It was during this time at college that God gave Pastor Kelly a burden for the people of Maine, specifically Lewiston/Auburn. 

During his last year in North Carolina, Pastor Bickford, who was in the process of looking for a Music Retreat speaker, crossed paths with Pastor Kelly. It was God's perfect timing! We have been blessed with Pastor Kelly's expertise in sacred music. Whether in teaching structured music to open hearts or in conducting the choir for our Music Retreat. God has greatly used Pastor Tim Kelly!

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