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Our Pastor

Pastor Mitch Bickford received the Lord in 1st grade as a result of the bus ministry at Clinton Baptist Church in Clinton, Maine. He attended public school for some years, then transferred to Clinton Christian school, from which he graduated. It was during his time at Clinton Baptist Church and School that he surrendered to the Lord’s will not knowing that God would call him into the ministry. Following his high school years, a young Mitch headed to Pensacola Christian college, Pensacola, FL, interested in the medical field. The Lord had other plans and Mitch eventually surrendered to the ministry and graduated in 1987 and in 1989 with a Master’s Degree in Biblical Exposition. The next year, 1990, he married his “Shweety,” Brenda Sjoberg from Rockland, Maine. Since then, the Lord has graciously blessed Pastor and Mrs. Bickford with five wonderful children. In October of 2003, Pastor Bickford followed God’s leading to become the pastor of Lee Baptist Church in Lee, Maine, where he continues to serve. Soon after arriving at Lee, he began to recognize the potential that the church property held. Having several acres of land to work with, Pastor Bickford desired to begin a retreat ministry as a help to like-minded churches. After praying about it and presenting it to the church, it was voted unanimously to start a retreat ministry. An old building was remodeled to house guests for yearly retreats, and many years later, it is still serving its purpose well. Pastor Bickford has seen God bless abundantly, over and over again during his time at Lee Baptist Church.

To God be the glory!

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