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Couples' Retreat 2022

Wow! Lee Baptist Church Couples' Retreat 2022 came and went so quickly! After not having it the last two years, it was so encouraging to be able to meet for it again. The couples stayed at a different location this year than they had in previous years, but enjoyed the same uplifting fellowship and preaching. Being in the middle of South Portland, ME had its' special perks, with nice hotel views and plenty of attractions nearby, in "down time"! Pastor Bickford preached on the topic "Abraham and Sarah: Faith in God in Your Marriage," something that all couples need in order to have a strong relationship with God and each other. Eating at Cracker Barrel, relaxing in the rooms, and fellowship at the delicious full breakfast were some of the added benefits of the Couples' Retreat. Enjoy a peek into our retreat by checking out these pictures.

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