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Meet Our Speaker


Pastor Daniel McGovern

Pastor Daniel McGovern spent most of his childhood as a missionary kid in Papua New Guinea. He loved the people learning the PNG language (Pidgin,) their culture, and their environment. After high school, he went to Fairhaven Baptist College and graduated with a degree in Pastoral Theology. While in college he met, dated, and after completing college, married Pastor Bickford's oldest daughter, Heidi. Pastor McGovern and Heidi had a wonderful 3-year-long marriage living in Lee and serving at Lee Baptist. After Heidi was tragically killed, Daniel and his two boys moved to Alaska to serve the Lord under his dad's ministry in Anchorage. The Lord has blessed Pastor McGovern with a new wife, Sharon, and her three children. Together with their six children they hope to one day be serving the Lord as missionaries wherever He leads them. We are looking forward to having them here this summer!

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